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  • Case constructed of rugged nylon
  • Three sided zipper closure
  • One inside pocket for a manual and one main compartment for a meter
  • Strong nylon strap with snap closure for hanging from belt
  • All the following Milwaukee meters fit in this Soft Meter Case:
  • -2205-20 Fork Meter
  • -2206-20 Fork Meter for HVAC/R
  • -2216-20 Digital Multimeter
  • -2217-20 Digital Multimeter
  • -2235-20 400amp Clamp Meter
  • -2265-20 Laser TEMP-GUN
  • -2266-20 Laser TEMP-GUN


Material Nylon
Zippered Yes
Inside Pocket Yes
Strap for Hanging Yes
Warranty No Warranty
Width 5"
Length 9"


Milwaukee’s Meter Case can hold many Milwaukee Meters. Constructed of rugged nylon with a three sided zipper closure, the case is opened to reveal one inside pocket which is useful for storing your manual and calibration
certificates and one main compartment for your Milwaukee meter. A strong nylon strap with a secure snap closure is used to hang the meter case from a belt. Covered by a 1 year warranty. Nothing but HEAVY DUTY.

Model Options

Item/Cat # Material Zippered Inside Pocket Strap for Hanging  
Roll Up Accessory Case
Nylon 4 Pockets with Velcro Yes
Zippered Accessory Case
Nylon Yes Yes Yes
Meter Case
Nylon Yes Yes Yes
Large Meter Case
Nylon Yes Yes Yes

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