Fluorescent Lamp
and Ballast Tester Cuts Labor Costs in Half

The Milwaukee 2210-20 Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Tester is an essential tool for any maintenance team looking to cut labor costs and increase productivity. By detecting Lamp and Ballast failures in seconds, facilities can cut labor costs associated with fluorescent lighting in half.

Recognized by the industry for its innovation, the Milwaukee 2210-20 Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Tester provides an easy to use Lamp, Ballast and Pin test for 10X faster troubleshooting. The Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Tester’s small portable design makes it perfect for any professional electrician or maintenance technician.

Increased Productivity

  • Diagnose lamp, ballast, and pin failures in seconds
  • Detect if an electronic ballast is working properly without removing the lamps or ballast cover plate
  • Small portable size fits in pockets, tools belts and most carry cases
  • Test the working condition of fluorescent lamps before or after installing

Easy to Use

  1. 2.5' retractable antenna for extended testing reach and portable carrying
  2. Built-in LED flashlight illuminates dark work spaces

2210-20 Kit Includes:

Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Tester, Soft Carry Case, Antenna Adapter, Manual and (4) AA Batteries

Labor Savings Calculator

How much will you save using the Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Tester?
Enter Labor Cost/Hour and the number of Fixtures at your facility below.

Labor Cost/Hour Number of Fixtures/Facility
  No Solution Milwaukee® Solution
Troubleshooting Time/Fixture (minutes)
Troubleshooting Cost/Fixture
Troubleshooting Cost/Facility
Troubleshooting Hours/Facility

Milwaukee® Can Save You:


Per Maintenance Cycle

Removable Antenna Adapter
Improves lamp test response
Built-in LED Work Light
Illuminates dark work spaces
2.5’ fully Retractable Antenna
For extended reach when testing
Visual & Audible Indicators
provide easy feedback
Complete 3-in-1 Solution
Test lamps, ballasts and pins
Dial & Buttons
positioned for one-handed use
Durable Tool
continues to work after 6.5 foot drop
Rugged Over- Molding
for increased durability and grip


Lamp Size All Ranges of Fluorescent Lamps (T2 - T12)
Ballast Test Detects Electronic Ballasts Only
Pin Test All Bi-Pin Fluorescent Lamps
Antenna Length 2.5'
Certifications UL, CE

Support & Learning

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