Milwaukee® Expands Accessory Solutions for the Utility Industry with 2-in-1 and Hex Bit Sockets

I’m proud to share that Milwaukee Tool is growing their lineup of solutions for the utility industry with the addition of eight new Shockwave™ Lineman’s accessories—2-in-1 Sockets and Hex Bit Sockets. Engineered specifically for the challenges of the construction and maintenance of utility lines, the new accessories offer superior accessibility, durability, and efficiency. 

The new Shockwave™ Lineman’s 2-in-1 Sockets will be 9/16” x ¾” and available in 6PT and 12PT designs to fit both square and hex hardware. A 7/16” to ½” adapter will also be included. Equipped with an internal anti-rust stainless steel spring and retaining ring, these sockets will provide the longest spring life, dual-nut fastening versatility, and hands-free size changes.

The Shockwave™ Lineman’s Hex Bit Sockets incorporate a one-piece design to withstand power tool torque. Equipped with a compact profile and 1-3/4” hex fastening depth, these sockets will fit all shear bolt, underground connectors and pad mounts. These sockets will be available in ½” and 3/8” drives sizes.

The new Shockwave™ Lineman’s accessories will be available for purchase at select distributors in October 2019.


Quick Reference

2-in-1 SocketsOctober 2019

2-in-1 6PT 9/16” x ¾” Socket                                     49-66-5111

2-in-1 12PT 9/16” x ¾” Socket                                   49-66-5121


Hex Bit SocketsOctober 2019      

½” Drive 5/16” -8mm Hex Socket                               49-66-5141

½” Drive 3/8” Hex Socket                                           49-66-5142

½” Drive ½” Hex Socket                                             49-66-5144

3/8” Drive 5/16” -8mm Hex Socket                             49-66-5151     

3/8” Drive 3/8” Hex Socket                                         49-66-5152

3/8” Drive ½” Hex Socket                                           49-66-5154