4-1/2" x 5/8"-11 Flap Disc 36 Grit (Type 27)

Milwaukee Flap Discs grind and finish in one operation. They are manufactured using a high performance Zirconia grain that outlasts standard Zirconia and Aluminum Oxide grains by up to 30%. Lasts up to 15% longer than Fiber Discs.

  • Versatile - grinds and finishes
  • High performance Zirconia grain for longer life than standard Zirconia or Aluminum Oxide
  • Flat (Type 27) and Conical (Type 29) design configurations
  • Lasts up to 15% longer than Fiber Discs

Product Specifications

Arbor Size 5/8"-11
Abrasive Type Ziconia Alumnia
Pack Qty 5 Pack
Diameter 4-1/2"
Style Type 27
Grit 36