Milwaukee® chisels are made from high grade, forged steel, providing up to 20% longer life. Scaling chisels are ideal of cleaning concrete and removing scale and rust. Additionally, scaling chisels can be used for cutting troughs and some asphalt. The widened tip design allows for faster surface material removal. This chisel is specifically designed for Spline rotary hammers and should be used in hammer only mode.

  • Up to 20% longer life
  • High Grade forged steel for durability
  • Cleans concrete, scale, rust, cuts troughs and some asphalt
  • 4-1/2" width
  • 14" overall length
  • Designed for Spline or Round Hex rotary hammers
  • Use in Hammer Only mode

Product Specifications

Style Scaling Chisel
Height 1"
Length 14"
Pack Qty 1
Size 4-1/2" x 14"
Weight 2.48 lbs
Width 4.50"