Our MILWAUKEE® HOLE DOZER™ with Carbide Teeth is the best hole saw solution for metal and multi-material applications. The HOLE DOZER™ provides 50X life in extreme metal & multi-material cutting compared to other bi-metal hole saws. A tough carbide grade is combined with a durable 4TPI tooth design, yielding the best durability and longest life in stainless steel, abrasive material and fastener-embedded wood applications. The HOLE DOZER™ has a cutting depth of 1.62", allowing clearance to handle cuts in a wide range of materials. Thermoset coating on the saw reduces friction and drag during cutting, generating cordless efficiency for faster cutting in all applications. The material slug is easy to remove with The Plug Jack™ T-Slot. Plug Jack™ enhances user productivity by providing the best access and leverage to remove material slugs. All HOLE DOZER™ products are made in the USA.

Product Specifications

Diameter 2-1/4"