25ft Magnetic Tape Measure

Our Compact Magnetic Tape Measures have up to 9’ of standout and a magnet that easily adheres to EMT & steel studs for ease of use. Built with our nylon bond blade protection and a 5-point reinforced frame, these measuring tapes are wear and impact resistant. For increased productivity on the job site, the tape measures feature double sided printing with blue print scale allowing you to easily read and transfer measurements. The magnetic tip tape measures also feature a finger stop, which protects your finger and gives control during blade retraction.

  • Magnet holds to EMT & Steel Studs
  • Up to 9’ of Tape Standout
  • Anti-Tear coating reduces tape tear
  • Nylon bond blade protection
  • 5-point reinforced frame
  • Finger stop delivers tape retraction control
  • 2-sided printing for easy reading
  • Integrated belt clip
  • Lanyard ready

Product Specifications

Width 2.01"
Tape Blade Length 25'
Length 3.5"
Weight 1.04 lbs
Height 3.07"