48" - 78" Magnetic Expandable Level

Our REDSTICK™ 18"-78" Magnetic Expandable Level features a commitment to long life performance to FRAME MORE. NO MAINTENANCE. The extendable level has reinforced components protecting the level and expansion system from wear and damage while you use it. The magnetic level also offers you long life performance and a no-maintenance measurement solution. The magnetic extendable level expands from 48" to 78" giving you unmatched performance in commercial door, window, and point-to-point install applications. A durable lock mechanism prevents the level from shifting and provides you with reliable performance in readout and repeat measurements. SHARPSITE™ vial technology gives you the industry’s best readability and impact resistant durability, accurate to .029°. These levels feature strong, amplified rare earth magnets for maximum holding power on steel studs and door frames. An ergonomic full grip frame allows you to transport, carry, and use the level, regardless of application. Our framing levels demonstrate a commitment to building and construction trades above and beyond current competitive offerings.

  • Reinforced internal components protect the level from damage or wear upon drop, tip, or heavy use providing long life performance & requiring no maintenance.
  • Durable inset lock is surrounded by all metal ibeam frame for added protection and optimized placement to avoid pinch points.
  • SHARPSITE™ VIAL TECHNOLOGY - Best readability. Impact protected.
  • GUARANTEED LIFETIME ACCURACY - Accurate to .029° ( .0005"/in, 0,5mm/M). In closed position only.
  • AMPLIFIED RARE EARTH MAGNETS - Maximum holding power.
  • Adjustable extension mechanism for ultimate slide control.
  • Full grip frame for improved ergonomics in transport & application.

Product Specifications

Width 4.25"
Weight 7.78 lbs
Length 47.99"