Circular Saw Blade 8" 42 Tooth Dry Cut Cermet Tipped

This 8 in. 42 tooth blade is designed to cut a variety of ferrous materials 3/32 inch and thicker, including pipe, angle iron, steel studs and conduit. The blade has vibration damping which reduces heat, sparks and noise for cleaner smoother, burr free cuts. Use with Milwaukee Dry Cut Saw 6370-20

  • 8 in. diameter
  • Cermet tipped for longer life, more wear resistant
  • 5/8 in. arbor hole
  • Hardened steel body
  • Vibration dampening

Product Specifications

Tooth Grind MATB
Number of Teeth 42
Kerf Thickness .073"
Arbor Size 5/8"
Application Ferrous Metal, 3/32" and thicker
Hook Angle
Diameter 8"