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  • SDS-MAX Shank
  • 4-Cutter Head
  • Highest quality carbide maximizes material pulverization
  • Optimized flutes provide fastest debris extraction for faster drilling


Diameter 1-1/4"
Length 17"
Useable Length 12"


Milwaukee’s carbide tipped drill bits come in a variety of diameters and lengths with either SDS-Plus, SDS-Max or Spline shanks. Milwaukee bits are available in either 2 cutter or 4 cutter head geometries. The bodies
of these bits allow for maximum energy transfer from the hammer to the bit. The optimized flutes provide fastest debris extraction speeding up drill rates. The highest quality carbide maximizes material pulverization.

Model Options

Item/Cat # Diameter Length Useable Length  
48-20-3971 1-1/4" 17" 12"

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