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  • Long life: Proprietary steel reduces breakage and extends adapter life
  • Versatile design: Use with 11" extension for extra-deep drilling applications
  • Multipurpose shank: Works with a variety of drilling heads from 1-1/2" to 3-1/4"


Style Spline Adapter Shank


The Milwaukee® 7" Spline Drive Shank Adapter lets you attach a variety of drilling heads to your spline drive hammer for deep hole drilling in brick, block and concrete. This versatile adapter can be used with LHS Thick-Wall Carbide-Tipped Core Bits, LHS 4-Cutter Fluted Bits or Turbo Tunnel bits for large holes in a variety of
sizes and depths. The Large Hole Drilling System offers maximum versatility to suit a variety of jobsite applications, hammers and depths. Simply choose an LHS core bit, tunnel bit or 4-cutter fluted bit in the size you need and add a spline shank or SDS-MAX shank adapter. For greater lengths, add 11" extensions (48-20-5079).

Model Options

Item/Cat # Style Diameter Depth  
48-20-5075 Spline Adapter Shank
48-20-5077 SDS-MAX Adapter Shank
48-20-5079 Extension
48-20-5081 Replacement Threaded Stud 35mm
48-20-5082 Turbo Tunnel Bits 1-3/8" 35mm
48-20-5083 Turbo Tunnel Bits 1-1/2" 40mm
48-20-5084 Turbo Tunnel Bits 1-3/4" 45mm
48-20-5085 Turbo Tunnel Bits 2-1/8" 55mm
48-20-5087 Turbo Tunnel Bits 2-5/8" 68mm
48-20-5089 Turbo Tunnel Bits 3-1/8" 80mm
48-20-5070 4-Cutter Fluted Bits 1-1/8" 18"
48-20-5071 4-Cutter Fluted Bits 1-1/4" 18"
48-20-5090 Thick Wall Core Bit 1-1/2" 3"
48-20-5091 Thick Wall Core Bit 1-3/4" 3"
48-20-5092 Thick Wall Core Bit 2-1/8" 3"
48-20-5093 Thick Wall Core Bit 2-5/8" 3"
48-20-5094 Thick Wall Core Bit 3-1/8" 3"
48-20-5095 Thick Wall Core Bit 3-1/2" 3"
48-20-5096 Thick Wall Core Bit 4" 3"
48-20-5097 Thick Wall Core Bit 5" 3"
48-20-5099 Core Bit Centering Bit

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