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  • Long life: Abrasion-resistant carbide teeth increase cutter life and produce a cleaner cut
  • Accurate cuts: Centering bit eliminates slipping for accurate hole placement and dimensions
  • Versatile design: Use with 11" extension for extra-deep drilling applications
  • Multipurpose SDS-MAX or spline shank: Interchangeable with a variety of drilling heads from 1-1/2" to 5"


Diameter 1-1/2"
Depth 3"
Style Thick Wall Core Bit


The Milwaukee® LHS 1-1/2" Thick Wall Carbide-Tipped Core Bit with Center Bit is ideal for large hole drilling in concrete where the depth is relatively shallow. The Core Bit cuts a kerf only, so you must remove the inside core before deeper drilling can be completed. The sturdy center bit keeps the core bit in place for faster, cleaner cuts. Available
with SDS-MAX or spline shanks. The Large Hole Drilling System offers maximum versatility to suit a variety of jobsite applications, hammers and depths. Simply choose an LHS core bit, tunnel bit or 4-cutter fluted bit in the size you need and add a spline shank or SDS-MAX shank adapter. For greater lengths, add 11" extensions (48-20-5079).

Model Options

Item/Cat # Style Diameter Depth  
48-20-5075 Spline Adapter Shank
48-20-5077 SDS-MAX Adapter Shank
48-20-5079 Extension
48-20-5081 Replacement Threaded Stud 35mm
48-20-5082 Turbo Tunnel Bits 1-3/8" 35mm
48-20-5083 Turbo Tunnel Bits 1-1/2" 40mm
48-20-5084 Turbo Tunnel Bits 1-3/4" 45mm
48-20-5085 Turbo Tunnel Bits 2-1/8" 55mm
48-20-5087 Turbo Tunnel Bits 2-5/8" 68mm
48-20-5089 Turbo Tunnel Bits 3-1/8" 80mm
48-20-5070 4-Cutter Fluted Bits 1-1/8" 18"
48-20-5071 4-Cutter Fluted Bits 1-1/4" 18"
48-20-5090 Thick Wall Core Bit 1-1/2" 3"
48-20-5091 Thick Wall Core Bit 1-3/4" 3"
48-20-5092 Thick Wall Core Bit 2-1/8" 3"
48-20-5093 Thick Wall Core Bit 2-5/8" 3"
48-20-5094 Thick Wall Core Bit 3-1/8" 3"
48-20-5095 Thick Wall Core Bit 3-1/2" 3"
48-20-5096 Thick Wall Core Bit 4" 3"
48-20-5097 Thick Wall Core Bit 5" 3"
48-20-5099 Core Bit Centering Bit

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