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Milwaukee® Selfeed drill bits deliver speed and endurance for repetitive drilling of large holes. Designed for any trade that demands woodcutting for installing pipe and conduit, Selfeed bits feed into work without pressure and provide faster boring of clean, accurate holes. The bits have improved balance with reduced runout, while the hex shank provides a secure gripping surface for the drill chuck. Every Milwaukee Selfeed drill bit is coated with a rust inhibitor. Built to last and designed to perform, these Selfeed bits are resharpenable so you can keep them cutting like new. Two feed screws are included.


  • Faster, more accurate drilling: Center feed screw pilots the bit and allows the bit to pull through fast
  • Clean holes: Two inside cutter blades shave the hole radius for clean, smooth holes without pressure
  • Long-lasting performance: Bits are resharpenable, feed screws and arbor are replaceable


Shank 3-Flat
Diameter 3"
Style Standard
Packaging Carton

Model Options

Item/Cat # Style Diameter Shank Packaging  
48-25-5120 SwitchBlade™ 1-3/8" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-3001 Standard 3" 3-Flat Carton
48-25-3621 Standard 3-5/8" 3-Flat Carton
48-25-4125 Standard 4-1/8" 3-Flat Carton
48-25-4621 Standard 4-5/8" 3-Flat Carton
48-25-1002 Standard 1" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-1122 Standard 1-1/8" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-1252 Standard 1-1/4" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-1372 Standard 1-3/8" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-1502 Standard 1-1/2" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-1752 Standard 1-3/4" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-2002 Standard 2" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-2122 Standard 2-1/8" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-2252 Standard 2-1/4" 7/16" Hex Clamshell
48-25-2562 Standard 2-9/16" 7/16" Hex Clamshell

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