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Brushless Motors Are
Driving Revolutionary

Brushless Motor


Battery Back

  • Longer motor life.
  • More power.
  • More run-time.

Longer Life

Brushless Means Longer Motor Life

Milwaukee® FUEL™ products last up to 10x longer than competitor brushless motors.

  • Milwaukee® FUEL™ 2604-22
  • Makita® BL™ Brushless LXT LXPH05

Less Motor Wear = Better Performance

Instead of wearable brushes, Milwaukee® engineered more steel and copper into its POWERSTATE™ brushless motor. This results in longer motor life as a result of reduced friction, less heat buildup, and higher efficiency.

More Power

Milwaukee® is the Performance Leader in Brushless

  • Packed with 4x the amount of power generating components
  • Higher grade, rare earth magnets
  • Over 60% more torque

Brushless Motor

Makita® BL™
Brushless Motor

The Milwaukee® POWERSTATE™ brushless motor has nearly 4X the amount of power generating components than Makita’s LXT LXPH05 brushless hammer drill. It also carries higher-grade rare earth magnets and a higher steel and copper content, which allows the M18™ FUEL™ Hammer Drill (725 in-lbs of torque) to overpower Makita’s in tough applications (400 in-lbs of torque).

To produce more strength… engineers at Milwaukee redesigned the motor of the new M18 FUEL™ drill.The result is a tool that generates about 25% more torque than the average 18 volt drill and can drill big holes faster than any of them. Popular Science Read the full article: A New Motor Makes for A Stronger 18-volt Drill

Over 60% More Peak Torque

Over 80% More Power Under Load

More Run-Time

Brushless Means More Run-Time

Milwaukee’s® POWERSTATE™ brushless motor is what makes the M18™ FUEL™ 18V drills and impact drivers last longer. The POWERSTATE™ motor is also supported by the world’s most advanced battery pack — REDLITHIUM™ — and system of hardware and software — REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence. This, three-piece, internal network is what makes the new M18™ FUEL™ brushless drills and brushless impact drivers stand out from DeWalt® 20V Max and Makita® LXT brushless tools.

Holes Drilled on
Single Battery Charge

2 9/16" Switchblade™

Up to 400% more

1 1/8" Hole Saw

Up to 100% more

1" Auger Bit

Up to 50% more

5/8" Auger Bit

Up to 70% more

Milwaukee® Powerstate™
Brushless Motor

Makita BL™
Brushless Motor

Combine an uber-efficient brushless motor and super-smart electronic intelligence with lithium battery power and what do you get? M18 FUEL™… The benefits are lots more power, longer run time and unmatched durability — in an ever shrinking, lighter-weight tool.

Handyman Club of America Magazine Tools on Steroids
  • Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ Impact DRIVE CONTROL™ - HVAC/Sheet Metal Applications
  • Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ Impact DRIVE CONTROL™
  • Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ Impact DRIVE CONTROL™ - Cabinetry Applications
  • Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ Impact DRIVE CONTROL™ - Commercial Carpentry Applications
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