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  • 120 Volt AC only, 12.5 amp max. rating
  • 11 inch drill travel
  • Adjustable position, variable speed base
  • For use on any flat ferrous material, 1/2 inch and thicker


Length 11"
Weight 49.0 lbs
Voltage 120V AC
Tool Warranty 5 Years
Electronic Feedback Yes
Construction Type Grounded
Adjustable Base Yes
Drill Travel 11"
Height 17-1/4"
Width 4-1/4"


The 4203 electromagnetic variable speed adjustable base features solid state electronic switching and an 11 in. drill travel. Adjustable position on this base makes lining up the bit easier and faster. The 4203 offers adjustablity of 3/4 inch in
direction of base length [front -to-back] and 20° right or left of center. lineFeedback speed control maintains speed and a motor/magnet lockout prevents de-mag during operation. For use on any flat ferrous material, 1/2 in. and thicker.

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