16 Gauge Nibbler

Cat # 6890


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What's Included

A nibbler uses a punch and die to make the cut, this is perfect for tight radius cuts into steel. The cutter can be set in 8 positions to make cutting easier. A .87 in. starter hole is all that is needed to start or start from the edge of the material. A nibbler is also what you need if you are cutting corrugated metal. The 6890 nibbler can cut 16 gauge steel and 18 gauge stainless. When perfect cuts are what you need, look to the Milwaukee line of nibblers.


  • 3.8 amp, 1,900 spm
  • Cuts up to 7 ft. per minute
  • 0.87 in. starting hole required
  • AC-DC paddle switch


Length 11-1/4"
Voltage 120 AC/DC
Tool Warranty 5 Years
Cord Type 8' Fixed
Amps 4
Capacity in Steel 16ga
Construction Type Double Insulated
Capacity in Stainless 18ga
Minimum Cutting Radius 1 and 3-4 Inch
Starting Hole 7-8 Inch

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