MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduces another breakthrough in Lithium-Ion technology for the cordless power tool market – the V18™ system, a new line of power tools and 18 volt batteries that can provide a Li-Ion power upgrade to existing Milwaukee 18 volt Ni-Cd tools.
In addition to a full line of 18V Li-Ion tools that deliver the same performance and fade-free power Milwaukee customers have come to expect from V™ technology, including up to 50% longer runtime vs. Ni-Cad, the V18 system includes a battery and charger that is compatible with all current Milwaukee 18 volt tools*. By placing a V18 battery on their current 18 volt tools, tradesmen are able to get an immediate performance boost without investing in an entirely new platform.
New tools in the V18 system include a completely redesigned ½" Driver-Drill, and a ½" Hammer-Drill, 6-1/2" Circular Saw, 6-7/8" Metal Cutting Circular Saw, ½" Impact Wrench, Sawzall® Reciprocating Saw, Job Site Radio and Work Light that have been optimized to take advantage of V18 technology.
Milwaukee has also pioneered a new charger that fully charges both its Li-Ion batteries (60 minutes) and NiCd batteries (40 minutes). The charger features a high visibility 360° LED “progressive charge" feature that displays the real-time status of the battery pack as it charges, rubberized feet to keep the charger in place on slick surfaces and extended sides to prevent the charger from tipping while the pack is charging.
“Often customers need to ‘buy in’ to a completely new platform in order to take advantage of the new cordless technology," says John Sara, senior cordless product manager for Milwaukee. “This system allows professional tradesmen to get more performance from some of their current tools without buying a whole new set of tools. After they’re able to bring Li-Ion power to their current 18 volt Ni-Cd tools, the productivity benefits and time savings offered by the V18 line will become clear."
Sara adds that the V18 system isn’t just about a new battery – it’s a full line of power tool solutions. “It’s designed as a scalable solution; so whether customers are looking for a full tool upgrade or just want to experience V technology for themselves, the V18 is ready to make an immediate impact on jobsite productivity."
The tools, batteries and Ni-Cd compatible charger will all be available in August 2006, with additional models set for release in 2007.

New V18 Batteries Covered Under 5 Year, 2,000 Charges Warranty
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation provides a limited warranty for all of its V™ technology Lithium-Ion batteries for up to 2,000 charge cycles or five (5) years from the date of purchase/first charge.
Under the warranty, which was announced in April 2006 and retroactively covers all Milwaukee V28 and V18 batteries, users will receive an additional 1,000 charges or three years of warranty coverage that is pro-rated against the amount of use. If a claim is made during this extended period, the customer will be able to obtain a new battery at a discounted price based on the amount of usage beyond two years or 1,000 charges. If a battery fails during the first two years or 1,000 charges, the customer receives a replacement battery free of charge.
The new V18 Li-Ion tools and batteries are also backed by one year of free maintenance when shipped to a Milwaukee Branch Office/Service Center.

About Milwaukee V™ technology
As the first-to-market leader in Lithium Ion technology, Milwaukee incorporates an exclusive integration of chemistry, cell design and circuitry, charging system and tool design to create V™ technology – the superior Lithium-Ion battery solution.
Milwaukee features lithium manganese chemistry, which has been field proven to be the most powerful and practical for professional power tool applications on the market today. This technology was developed by Milwaukee in partnership with a leading global battery company to produce the first heavy duty Li-Ion battery for use in high amp draw applications.
The award-winning V™ technology platform is available in an expanding range of voltages and products for professionals seeking fade-free power, longer runtimes and equal or less weight than 18V NiCad battery powered tools. Due to a patent-pending performance-optimizing circuit, V™ technology batteries are able to operate at peak performance under extreme conditions such as hot or cold temperatures and withstand battery heating due to heavy use. In addition, Milwaukee’s Li-Ion batteries feature a built-in fuel gauge so users always know how much run time is available without needing to place it on a charger.