Milwaukee Introduces New Lines of Ship Auger and Auger Bits

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduces new lines of Ship Auger and Auger bits, designed for electricians, utility workers, plumbers or any trade requiring deep hole drilling in wood.
The new Ship Auger bits are constructed of high carbon steel and feature a new cutting head design with a special heat treatment process to provide optimal life when encountering nails during cutting. When combined, these features produce up to two times the life of other ship auger bits.
The special heat-treating process allows the edge to stay sharper longer and reduces the need to be sharpened, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime. The bit flutes are polished, then coated with an industrial non-stick material to ensure faster chip ejection and reduce clogging when drilling deep holes. The shank undergoes an additional hardening process to provide maximum durability and impact rating, ensuring bit versatility across every application.
The bits come standard with a 7/16" power groove quick-change shank and are available in a wide variety of diameters in both 6" and 18-1/2" lengths.
The new Auger bits, which are designed for clean wood cutting only, feature a new double-wing spur design that scribes the edges of the hole to produce a cleaner cut. Like its ship auger counterpart, the auger bits have polished non-stick flutes and extra hard shanks. The new auger bits can be used with impact wrenches as well.
To compliment the auger and ship auger bit lines, Milwaukee is also offering two sets with the most common sizes of auger and ship auger bits. The 4-Piece Auger Bit Set contains the following sizes: ½", ¾", 7/8", and 1" at the 6-1/2" length. The 3-Piece Ship Auger Bit Set contains: ½", ¾", and 1" at the 18" length. Both sets come with a heavy duty canvas roll up pouch for both convenient storage and job site organization.

Key Features: Ship Auger Bits (Available 11/1/08)
Nail Cutting Tip for improved life in nail-embedded wood
Non-Stick Coated Flutes for faster chip ejection
For use with impact wrenches

Key Features: Auger Bits (Available 1/15/09)
Double Wing Spurs for clean hole cutting
Non-Stick Coated Flutes for faster chip ejection
For use with impact wrenches