Milwaukee's V28 Powered Dragster

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Electric Tool Chief Engineer, Jon Zick, and Senior Repair Technician, Frank Mejia, found themselves on the Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage in December 2005, trying to help answer the question, “Can Milwaukee Electric Tool’s V28TM batteries power a monster car?"

The car was designed and re-built in five days. Monster Garage’s latest mechanical marvel, a 1962 Chevy Bel Air, was re-powered to run off of 384 V28™ Lithium-Ion batteries. The batteries drive twin electric forklift motors and were connected in series to produce about 336 volts at 3,000 amps.

At the test, the V28 Bel Air hit 93.3 miles per hour, running the quarter in a very respectable 14.53 seconds.