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  • Conductive Stylus Tip
  • Clog Resistant Marker Tip
  • Writes through Dusty, Wet and Oily Surfaces
  • Durable Marker Tip for Writing on Concrete, OSB and Rough Surfaces
  • Built-In Hard Hat Storage Clip
  • Fine Point
  • Ink Dries in Seconds
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Anti-Roll Body Design
  • Non-Toxic Ink


Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty


The INKZALL® Jobsite Stylus and Marker is designed for using touch screen devices like iPads and iPhones while a user is wearing gloves. It features clog resistant tips and the ability to write through dusty, wet or oily surfaces.  The durable marker tips are designed for writing on rough surfaces such as OSB, cinder block and concrete and the ink dries
quickly to reduce smearing markings, without drying out quickly when the cap is left off. For added user convenience, the INKZALL® markers have a built-in hard hat clip for easy storage and access. INKZALL® markers confirm to Milwaukee’s commitment to best-in-class durability and their relentless mission to provide innovative solutions to the end user.

Model Options

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  48-22-3100 48-22-3101 48-22-3102 48-22-3100 48-22-3121
Product INKZALL® Black Fine Point Marker INKZALL® Stylus & Black Marker INKZALL® Black Medium Point Marker (2 PK) 1PK Med. Chisel Black Marker INKZALL® Black Fine Point Marker (4 PK) 2PK Fine Point Black Markers 4PK Fine Point Colored Markers 2PK INKZALL™ Silver Fine Point Markers 2PK INKZALL™ Gold Fine Point Markers 2PK INKZALL™ SilverGold/ Fine Point Markers 36pk INKZALL™ Black Chisel Tip Markers 36pk INKZALL™ Red Fine Point Markers 36pk INKZALL™ Blue Fine Point Markers 36pk INKZALL™ Green Fine Point Markers (12) INKZALL™ White Paint Marker 1PK INKZALL™ White Paint Marker INKZALL™ Yellow Paint Marker 1PK INKZALL™ Yellow Paint Marker INKZALL™ Black Paint Marker INKZALL™ Red Paint Marker INKZALL™ Green Paint Marker INKZALL™ Blue Paint Marker INKZALL™ Orange Paint Marker
Cat # 48-22-3100 48-22-3101 48-22-3102 48-22-3103 48-22-3104 48-22-3105 48-22-3106 48-22-3121 48-22-3122 48-22-3123 48-22-3130 48-22-3170 48-22-3180 48-22-3190 48-22-3711 48-22-3712 48-22-3721 48-22-3722 48-22-3731 48-22-3741 48-22-3751 48-22-3761 48-22-3771
  • (2) Inkzall™ Jobsite Medium Point Black Markers
  • (4) Inkzall™ Jobsite Fine Point Black Markers

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