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Dispose of Used Lithium-Ion Batteries from a Cordless Power Tool

All Milwaukee® Factory Service/Sales Support locations accept not only Milwaukee rechargeable batteries, but all brands for recycling.

Find a Milwaukee® Factory Service/Sales Support locations near you.

Milwaukee Tool along with other environmentally-concerned manufacturers, have united to ensure that the batteries (or cordless products containing batteries) introduced into the marketplace, are being responsibly recycled when they reach their end of life.  Through a recycling partnership with Call2Recycle®, the first product stewardship program for rechargeable batteries, we can ensure the batteries are being properly managed when they reach their end-of-life.  Milwaukee Tool, and other manufacturers, help fund the non-profit organization by paying licensee fees for every battery sold into the North American marketplace. To find a drop-off location nearest you in the USA or Canada, visit www.call2recycle.org or call toll-free 1.877.2.RECYCLE.