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Warranty Repair

  • Date code of tool will be used to determine if product is within warranty period
  • Copy of invoice or bill of sale will be required for warranty verification if date code is over warranty period
  • Warranty Registration is not necessary to obtain the applicable warranty on a Milwaukee Tool® product
  Warranty Non-Warranty
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  • Products defective in material or workmanship
  • Products outside of warranty period
  • Products within warranty period, but defective due to normal wear/tear and abuse

Product Warranty Duration  
Air Nailer - Stapler 5-Year Limited Learn More
Airless Paint Sprayer M4910 2-Year Limited Learn More
Aluminum Shroud Warranty for Deep Cut Band Saws Extended Lifetime Learn More
Cordless Battery Pack Limited Learn More
Hand Tool Lifetime Limited Learn More
Hoist (lever, hand-chain & electric chain hoist) Limited Learn More
HOLE DOZER™ Hole Saw Limited Lifetime Learn More
Laser Distance Meter Limited Learn More
M12™ Heated Jacket Limited Learn More
Outdoor Power Equipment Limited Learn More
Portable Generator 2-Year Limited Learn More
Portable Power Tool Limited Learn More
Reconditioned Product 1-Year Limited Learn More
Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet Limited Lifetime Learn More
Test & Measurement Product Limited Learn More
Tool and Equipment Tracker Limited Learn More