Milwaukee® Delivers the Power to Core 14" Holes

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool delivers unmatched productivity with their new MX FUEL™ Core Rig w/ Stand. The battery-powered core rig joins the MX FUEL™ Equipment System*, giving users the power to core 14-inch holes in reinforced concrete, the easiest coring experience, and the run-time to core four 10-inch holes per charge.

The first battery-powered core rig of its class on the market today delivers the power users demand, with the ability to core up to 14-inch holes in reinforced concrete. Compatible with all MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries, Milwaukee's core rig gives users the hardest working and most reliable power. The battery-powered concrete core drill eliminates the need for corded units or extension cords, reducing tripping hazards on site and preventing breakers from tripping, or the need to have a gas-powered generator.

The core rig can be quickly and easily transported and set up without a nearby power source, providing the easiest coring experience anywhere without the hassle of extension cords and tripping circuit breakers. The time that was once spent looking for a power source or resetting circuit breakers, is now spent finishing the first hole and moving on to the next. An intuitive, onboard bit removal device reduces the bit’s release tension, allowing users to quickly unthread bits by hand if switching between bit sizes or storing the core rig. Featuring three-piece modularity for easy setup and transportation on the jobsite, the core rig breaks down into three pieces: the core drill, the stand, and the wheels. A digital user interface includes a pressure gauge and LED level to assist users in finding the most efficient drilling pressure and ensures easy, accurate holes. A hole center indicator on the stand marks the center point of the shaft for hole alignment and an easy hole start function spins the bit at 10% of the gear speed for precise placement of larger holes.

When paired with an MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ FORGE™ HD12.0 battery pack, the new MX FUEL™ Core Rig w/ Stand can core up to four 10-inch holes 6 inches deep in reinforced concrete per charge. The new MX FUEL™ Super Charger provides 2X faster charging speeds for increased productivity and efficiency on the jobsite, charging the REDLITHIUM™ FORGE™ HD12.0 battery pack in only 65 minutes to 100% charge.  The battery pack and new MX FUEL™ Super Charger are COOL-CYCLE™ capable, an Active Cooling System that provides high-speed cooling for less downtime, allowing users to stay productive when swapping batteries.

As an added benefit, ONE-KEY™,** provides the ability to track the core rig with community tracking and alerts, complete inventory management, and industry leading smart-equipment technology to secure the user’s investment.

Also available is a range of Diamond Wet Core Bits to pair with Milwaukee’s lineup of core drills. The Diamond Ultra™ Wet Core Bits, available in 17 sizes from 5/8”-14”, are engineered with thin kerf, laser welded segments to provide the fastest drilling and maximum run-time in reinforced concrete applications. The Diamond Premium Wet Core Bits, available in 22 sizes from ¾"-14”, offer exceptional drilling life and speed in cured concrete with hard aggregate and medium steel reinforcement.

Milwaukee Tool remains unwavering in their commitment to delivering disruptive innovation by working alongside trade professionals to identify challenges and provide solutions that are unparalleled in enhancing jobsite safety and productivity. Milwaukee Tool’s MX FUEL™ Equipment System is safer, more reliable, and more productive, going beyond the limitations of gas and corded solutions. For more information about the MX FUEL™ Equipment System, please visit  https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Innovations/MX-FUEL

*The MX FUEL™ Equipment System: This groundbreaking cordless system revolutionizes the light equipment market by delivering the performance, run-time, and durability demanded by the trades without the hazards associated with emissions, noise, vibration, and the frustrations of gas maintenance. Each of the solutions on the MX FUEL™ System go beyond the limitations of gasoline and power-cord units and operate off one completely compatible system all on the same battery. This is Equipment Redefined.

**ONE-KEY™ is the first digital platform for tools and equipment. By integrating industry-leading tool electronics with a custom-built cloud-based program, ONE-KEY™ provides a new level of control and access to information that revolutionizes the way work gets done. The ability to customize, track, and manage through ONE-KEY™ fundamentally changes the way users interact with their tools and equipment.


MX FUEL™ Core Rig w/ Stand (MXF302-2HD)

  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery System: MX FUEL™
  • Height: 44.4”
  • Length: 33.3”
  • Width: 12.4”
  • Weight (Tool Only): 109 lbs
  • Speed: 390-2200 RPM
  • Spindle Size: 1.75”
  • Bit Capacity: Up to 14”
  • Stand Size: 44.4” x 12.4” x 24.8”
  • Wet/Dry: Yes
  • Equipment Warranty: 2 Year
  • Battery Warranty: 2 Year
  • Push Button Start: Yes
  • Kit Includes: (1) MX FUEL™ Core Rig (MXF302-2HD), (2) MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ FORGE™ HD12.0 Battery Packs (MXFHD812), (1) MX FUEL™ Super Charger (MXFSC), (1) Bit Adapter, (1) Hose Quick-Connect

About Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool, founded in 1924, is a global leader in delivering innovative solutions to the professional construction trades that increase productivity and safety. Milwaukee® is known for their world-leading M12™, M18™, and MX FUEL™ cordless systems, the ground-breaking performance of their cordless innovations, safety solutions, battery-powered outdoor power equipment, jobsite lighting and clean-up, time-saving accessories, and innovative hand tool and PACKOUT™ Modular Storage products. The company is dedicated to delivering a steady stream of advanced, trade-specific solutions.

Milwaukee Tool is a Brookfield, Wisconsin-based subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI) (HKEx stock code: 669, ADR symbol: TTNDY). For more information on the full line of Milwaukee® products, please call 1-800-SAWDUST or visit www.milwaukeetool.com.