Shockwave Impact Driver Bits

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Shockwave Impact Duty™
Shockwave Impact Duty™

Most Durable. Best Fit.

Milwaukee® SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Duty™ driver bits are engineered to be the most durable, best fitting driver bits on the market. The optimized SHOCKZONE™ geometry is unique for each tip type to provide up to 30x longer life and absorbs 3x more torque vs. other impact bits. The Precise Fit Custom Machined Tip™ prevents stripping and reduces wobble while the Custom Alloy76™ Steel and proprietary heat treat process maximizes resistance to wear and shock. SHOCKWAVE™ driver bits are built to deliver extreme durability for the most demanding applications.

Why Shockwave?

Competitive Comparison

  • Durability
  • Torque Absorption
  • Fit

Up to 30X Life

2" T25 Bit, Cordless Impact Driver, Metal to 2xLVL

Number of Screws Seated Before Breaking

Absorbs 3x More Torque

3/8" X 3" Lag Screws into 4" x 6" Pressure Treated Lumber

Twist Angle Degrees of Rotation

Best Fit

Average Pounds of Force Amongst Phillips, Slotted, Square, Torx, Hex, and ECX Bits

Force Required to Remove Bit from Fastener