9” Lineman’s Pliers (USA)

Our Milwaukee® 9” Lineman’s Pliers (USA) delivers the easiest cuts and longest life for the professional user. Our pliers are designed with an optimized pivot point to provide the best leverage for tough cuts through materials like ACSR, hard wire, and soft wire. Our cutting pliers feature laser-hardened edges and teeth for the longest cut life and maximum grip. Our Lineman’s Pliers are engineered to deliver the smoothest open and close experience from the start with no break-in period required. For additional versatility, our Lineman’s Pliers include a reaming head for ½-inch to 1-inch conduit and a fish tape puller. Our pliers are tether ready offered in both a comfort grip with a lanyard hole and a dipped grip with a split-ring hole. Our Milwaukee Lineman’s Pliers are made in USA with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and the highest quality domestically-sourced materials and are backed by a complete Lifetime Guarantee.

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