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Urinal, Toilet and Sink Augers

2574-21, 2574-20, 2576-21, 2576-20 - TRAPSNAKE Toilet Auger, TRAPSNAKE Urinal Auger

Best Clearing, Complete Control

The M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ 25' Auger, 6' Toilet Auger and 4' Urinal Auger are the first powered augers designed for porcelain fixtures. The TRAPSNAKE™ System allows for a dedicated power source to clear clogs in toilets, urinals, floor traps, sinks, bathtubs and showers. These tools deliver power and speed to work through tough clogs in tight traps. When paired with the M12™ TRAPSNAKE™ Driver our electronics control RPM and maximum torque output to protect porcelain fixtures and allow users to feel when engaged with a blockage for aid in retrieving.

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