Milwaukee® Updates Hole Saw Slot Form

Milwaukee Tool is updating their lineup of cutting solutions with a new slot form on all Bi-Metal, Carbide Teeth and Diamond Hole Saws.

All Hole Dozer™ accessories will now come equipped with the updated slot form, an all-access slot design. With more access, pilot bit visibility for accurate hole placement, and increased chip ejection for cooler, faster cuts, the new slot form increases productivity resulting in less downtime between holes.

The updated Hole Dozer™ accessories will start to hit stores in December 2019.


Suggested Sample List

2” Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw                                       49-56-9624

2” Hole Dozer™ with Carbide Teeth                                      49-56-0720

2” Diamond Hole Saw                                                             49-56-5645


Photos: https://milwaukeetool.widencollective.com/c/mvj5ir2m