43" Max-Lok™ Spline Adapter

Cat # 48-20-6974


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Length 43"
Style Adapter / Extension
Tool Shank Spline


Extend your SDS-MAX drill and core bits 43" with the Milwaukee® exclusive Max-Lok™ 43" Spline Adapter. Drill deeper and in tight spaces with confidence. The Max-Lok Spline Adapter lets you lengthen and use SDS-MAX core and drill bits in a variety of rotary hammers. The connections are designed for optimum energy transfer, so you won't lose drilling productivity. The Max-Lok Extension System lets you get more value out of your SDS-MAX drill and core bits. The easy-to-use Max-Lok Connection Adapter (sold separately) accommodates SDS-MAX, SDS-PLUS or spline shanks for a truly universal system that's compatible with all common rotary hammers. The adapter securely locks the two SDS-MAX shanks (bit and extension) together for maximum versatility and strength in extensions from 12-1/2" to 82-1/2".


  • Versatility: System is compatible with any rotary hammer for drilling in tight spaces
  • Efficiency: Save time and money by leveraging your shorter, less expensive bits and rotary hammer
  • Maximum energy transfer: Maintain drilling productivity, even at 82-1/2"
  • Easy to use: The connection adapter's sliding sleeves offer twist and lock security

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