20oz Aluminum Barrel Sausage Conversion Kit

Cat # 48-08-1093


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For use with M18™ Cordless Caulk and Adhesive Guns. The 20 oz Aluminum Barrel Sausage Style Conversion Kit accepts all standard 20 oz sausage style material packages. This kit includes all the necessary components to convert material types from the 2641-21CT 10 oz Caulk and Adhesive Guns to be able to dispense 20 oz sausage style material packs.


  • 20 oz Sausage style barrel accepts all standard 20 oz sausage material packages
  • For use with all M18™ Caulk and Adhesive Guns
  • Conversion kit includes the 20 oz sausage style barrel length Plunger Rod and Piston Assembly


Type Applicator and Heat Gun Accessories
Warranty No Warranty

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