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REDLITHIUM™ Protect Your Investment

It lasts longer, thinks faster and works harder than standard, 18-volt lithium-ion and NiCd batteries.

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Battery Fuel Guage

Displays remaining run-time

Patented Redlink™ Intelligence

Protects the pack in abusive situations, provides optimum performance, and monitors the cells for maximum life

Shock Responsive Separators

Prevents pack failure from vibration or drops

Single piece cell carrier

Full enclosure protects cells and provides a strong structure delivering maximum durabilty

Rubber Overmold

Protects cells and pack during drops and provides maximum life

Latch Cover

Prevents water from entering pack through the latch buttons

Water Protection Barrier

Routes water away from the electronics & out of the battery pack

Electronic Coating

Protects the electronics from water and condensation

Temp Control Cell Frame

Provides a strong structure and transfers energy efficiently for maximum life

Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

Deliver high power and up to 2X more run-time

More Run-Time

Not All Lithium-Ion Means More Run-Time

REDLITHIUM™ Run-Time Advantage

  • More work per charge
  • Less down time each day
The fact that Milwaukee’s M18 REDLITHIUMTM batteries are years ahead of some of their competitors? That’s just amazing.

Read the full article - Seeing Red: Milwaukee M18 RedLithium Batteries

More Power

Not All Lithium-Ion Means More Power

REDLITHIUM™ Power Advantage

With the REDLITHIUM Battery Pack, M18 an M12 cordless power tools work like they should - faster, longer and with fewer recharges. As a result, Milwaukee® M18 and M12 cordless drills, impact drivers, saws and specialty tools achieve more work per charge andmore work for the life of the battery.

  • Deliver More Torque
  • Produce more speed
  • More dependable in extreme conditions

Longer Life

Not All Lithium-Ion Means Longer Life

REDLITHIUM™ Lifetime Energy Advantage

Complete more work than standard lithium ion or NiCd over the lifetime of each REDLITHIUM battery pack. That means less battery purchases and more work done by your M18 and M12 cordless tools.

  • Replace Less Packs
  • Produce More Power
  • Best-in-Class Battery Warranty

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