8 PC Screwdriver Set

The Milwaukee® 8 Piece Screwdriver Set includes Phillips #1 (3"), Phillips #2 (4"), Cabinet 3/16" (3"), Cabinet 3/16" (6"), Slotted 1/4" (4"), Slotted 5/16" (6"), and the Milwaukee patented ECX™ #1 (4"), ECX™ #2 (4") drivers. The Phillips and ECX™ drivers feature integrated wire strippers and loop makers while the slotted drivers offer metal caps to prevent handle impact damage. Bit types are marked on the cap of each tool for quick identification.

This product is no longer available, however it has been replaced with:

  • ECX™ Bit (Patent Pending) - Superior Fit in Specialty Tools
  • Wire Stripper (Patent Pending) - Strip up to 12 Gauge Wire
  • Wire Bending Hole - Bend up to 12 Gauge Wire
  • Shock Resistant Steel Cap - Extra durability when struck on handle end
  • Bits Marked on Top - Quick Identification

Product Specifications

Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Wire Stripper Up to 12ga
Loop Maker Up to 12ga
Screwdriver Type Screwdrivers