MILWAUKEE® 9/16” x 54" Flexible Cable Auger Bit 3PC Set

Our 9/16” Flexible Cable Auger Bit 3 Piece Set provides a complete cable bit solution for wire and cable installation with a cable auger bit, foldable placement tool, and wire puller. Our 9/16" x 54" Flexible Cable Auger Bit provides flexible drilling and clean holes when installing small wire systems in unreachable spaces. The screw-tip design allows for faster wood boring. The dual pull-through hole design features holes on both ends for feeding wire through drilled holes. The auger-style flute allows for faster drilling and easy chip ejection. The flexible shaft allows you to drill inside walls or between floors with greater precision and ease when installing all types of small wire systems, including computer, security, phone, and cable. The 3-FLAT SECURE-GRIP™ prevents the auger bit from slipping in the chuck. The reusable case protects the bit. Our placement tool features a foldable design for compact storage and an anti-slip grip for better control while drilling. Our wire puller securely pulls 1/2”-9/16” diameter cable.

  • Flexible drilling, clean holes
  • Screw-tip design for faster wood boring
  • Dual pull-through hole design with a cable hole at each end for feeding wires through drilled holes
  • Auger-style flute for faster drilling and easy chip ejection
  • Flexible shaft for easy drilling inside walls and between floors
  • Foldable placement tool design for compact storage
  • Anti-slip grip for better control while drilling​
  • 3-FLAT SECURE-GRIP™ prevents bit from slipping in chuck
  • Reusable case protects bit
  • For use with drills
  • Wire puller for pulling 1/2”-9/16” diameter cable
  • 9/16” bit diameter, 3/16” shank diameter, 54” length
  • Includes: (1) 9/16” Cable Auger Bit, (1) foldable placement tool, (1) wire puller
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Product Specifications

Length 1.57 in
Weight 1.28 lb
Height 58.35 in
Width 5.16 in
Material Composition Steel
Material Application Plywood|Wood