7PC. SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ Carbide Hammer Drill Bit Concrete Screw Install Set

Our Concrete Screw Installation Kit provides a durable and versatile solution for fast installation of concrete screws. This complete drive system is designed for concrete screw drilling AND driving applications, giving our users the ability to use only one tool for the job – resulting in increased productivity and fewer bit swaps. Our SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ Carbide Hammer Drill Bits use sharpened carbide to deliver up to 9X longer life in concrete and up to 4X faster drilling into masonry materials. These bits are engineered with a built-in hex collar for perfect hole depths every time. The included magnetic, SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ Concrete Screw Nut Drivers bear a recessed shoulder feature, which prevents concrete screws from snapping during installation and ensures the anchor is set to the perfect depth. Our Drill/Drive sleeve connects to the drill bits and driver bits for quick and easy anchor installations without the need to carry two tools and extra bits. Optimized for performance in any impact driver, drill/driver, and hammer drill. Packaged in a medium, single-sided hard case designed for use in our PACKOUT™ Storage System.

  • Robust carbide for up to 9x life in concrete
  • Precision ground carbide tip design for up to 4x faster speeds in concrete
  • Complete drill/drive system for less bit changes and faster installation of concrete screws
  • Built in 1/4" hex shoulder for use in concrete screw installation kit
  • Case is designed for use in PACKOUT™
  • SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ engineered for hammer drills and impacts
  • Wide flute design for fast, efficient dust removal and more holes per charge
  • 5/32" drill bit ideal for 3/16" concrete screws, 3/16" drill bit ideal for 1/4" concrete screws
  • For use in Concrete, Brick, and Block
  • Kit Includes: (1) 5/32" x 4" x 6" Carbide Hammer Drill Bit w/ Hex, (1) 3/16" x 4" x 6" Carbide Hammer Drill Bit w/ Hex, (1) 1/4" SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ Concrete Screw Nut Driver, (1) 5/16" SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ Concrete Screw Nut Driver, (1) SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ T25 2" TORX® Bit, (1) SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ T30 2" TORX® Bit , (1) Drive Sleeve
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Product Specifications

Useable Length 4 in
Cutting Depth 4 in
Type Hammer Drill Bit
Length 7.74 in
Weight 0.9 lb
Height 1.38 in
Width 3.9 in
Material Composition Carbide Tipped
Material Application Block|Brick|Concrete