Cushion Grip Screwdriver Kit - 4 PC

Our 4-Piece Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set provides you with professional grade solutions and durability. The professional screwdriver set features an anti-peel handle design, hardened tips, and forged shanks. Tactile identification, a new-to-world MILWAUKEE® innovation, allows you to accurately select the correct driver without looking. The wrench-ready bolster and precision knurling offers you the features needed to increase your efficiency and effectiveness on the job site. Each screwdriver in the set is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


(1) Phillips #2 x 4" (1) SL-1/4"x4" (1) SL-3/16"X6" (1) SL-5/16"X6"
  • 4-piece cushion grip screwdriver set
  • Wrench ready bolster
  • Precision knurling
  • Lanyard hole
  • Tactile ID
  • Anti-peel handle design
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Product Specifications

Length 14"
Weight 1 lb
Width 1.16"
Pack Qty 1 Pack