Non-Marring Performance Knee Pad

Our Non-Marring Performance Knee Pad provides maximum comfort while being the longest lasting. These professional knee pads are constructed with a pressure-reducing foam that maintains its shape for extended wear. The layered gel absorbs pressure and supports the knee for ultimate comfort all day long. The MILWAUKEE® Non-Marring Performance colorless cap is best suited for applications on sensitive surfaces to prevent scarring and marking. A robust, durable cap withstands changing jobsite conditions and provides the longest life.

Non-Marring Performance
Knee Pads

Maximum Comfort.
Longest Lasting.


  • Pressure reducing foam maintains shape
  • Layered gel absorbs pressure and supports knee
  • Open cell foam


  • Robust, durable cap for longest life
  • Abrasion resistant cap
  • Durable metal rivets


  • 2 secure adjustable buckles
  • Soft comfortable strap
  • Pressure Reducing Foam Maintains Shape
  • Layered Gel Absorbs Pressure & Supports Knee
  • Robust, Durable Cap for Longest Life
  • Colorless Rubber Cap
  • 2 Secure Adjustable Buckles
  • Dual Material Lower Strap
  • Soft Comfortable Straps
  • Durable Metal Rivets
  • Open Cell Foam
  • Third Party Tested
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Product Specifications

Material Composition Foam
Length 7.5 in
Weight 2.41 lb
Height 10 in
Width 8 in