Bucket Hanger for M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 10,000psi Hydraulic Pump

The Bucket Hanger for M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 10,000psi Hydraulic Pump truly helps deliver the easiest setup when used with a utility bucket or steel basket. The bucket hanger was specifically designed to work with the buckets and bucket hooks already stored on every utility truck with standard size lift rings. An adjustable bar with rubber bumpers enables the bucket hanger to fit over the bucket lip and maintain a level position. The symmetrical design allows the hanger to be used from either side and provides additional lifting points. The open frame design enables the user to open the pump battery door while still sitting in the hanger.

  • For Use with FORCE LOGIC™ 10,000psi Hydraulic Pump
  • Keeps Pump in Ideal, Level Operating Position while Freeing up Space Inside the Bucket
  • Extendable Bar & Rubber Bumpers Allows for Use with Most Existing Buckets & Steel Baskets
  • Standard Size Lift Rings Allows for Use with Existing Bucket Hooks
  • Symmetrical Lift Ring Design Enable Use from Both Sides of the Hanger
  • Open Frame Design Enables the User to Open the Pump Battery Door to While Still Resting in the Hanger
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