HOLE DOZER™ General-Purpose Hole Saw Kit - 15PC

Our HOLE DOZER™ General Purpose 15-Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw kit features a new 3.5 TPI tooth design that offers you the longest life in metal applications. These MILWAUKEE® HOLE DOZER™ Bi-Metal Hole Saws feature the industry's only Lifetime Tooth Break Warranty and can take on all general purpose applications, making them the most durable hole saws. Our ALL-ACCESS SLOTS solve the frustration of plug removal, making you more productive with less downtime between holes. The new slot design also gives you increased pilot visibility for accurate placement and faster chip ejection keeping your cut cool. HOLE DOZER™ Thermoset Coating allows for faster cutting and is optimized for cordless tools, delivering you 25% more holes per charge. Our HOLE DOZER™ Bi-Metal hole saws are proudly made in the USA. This hole saw kit also includes a case, which offers you enhanced customization capability thanks to the interchangeable pegs. You can store arbors, pilot bits, and more in the removable accessory box or remove it entirely to create more space for hole saws. Each Milwaukee Hole Saw Case features a reinforced grid design on the top and bottom, plus heavy-duty latches, securely storing the hole saws within this durable, hard case design. The Milwaukee Small Hole Saw Case fits conveniently in Packout™ Organizers making transportation and storage a breeze.


(1) 3/4" Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 7/8" Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 1" Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 1 1/8" Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 1 3/8" Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 1 1-2 in Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 1 3-4 in Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 2" Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 2-1/2" Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 2 1/4" Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 2-1/8" Bi-Metal Hole Saw (1) 3/8" Hex Shank Arbor (2) 3-1/2" Pilot Bit (1) 1/8" Hex Key (1) 7/16" No wobble Arbor
  • Customizable Hole Saw Case
  • Most Durable Hole Saw. Period.
  • New 3.5 TPI Tooth Design
  • All Access Slots enhance user productivity by providing best access and leverage to remove material slugs
  • Thermoset Coating reduces friction and drag, increasing overall speed and cordless efficiencies
  • Interchangeable Pegs Allow for Customizable Kit Configurations
  • Reinforced Grids on Top and Bottom Keep Hole Saws Securely Stored
  • Removable Accessory Box Offers Additional Customization Options
  • Designed to Fit Perfectly into Packout™ Organizers
  • Made in USA
  • Plug Jack™, an all access slot design for fast plug removal
  • Rip Guard™, the strongest tooth form in the industry
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Product Specifications

Length 2.75 in
Weight 3.8 lb
Height 5.5 in
Width 8.125 in
Material Application Multi-Purpose