AIR-TIP™ Swiveling Palm Brush

Our AIR-TIP™ Swiveling Palm Brush enhances your cleaning experience with its swiveling grip for easier movement. An ergonomically designed 360 degree swiveling palm grip allows you to create more cleaning leverage and freedom of movement when needed most. This swivel vacuum brush comes with three interchangeable heads for more cleaning options. The rubber bristle head is optimized for cleaning automotive carpet and collecting stubborn debris. The stiff brush head allows for deep cleaning agitation of debris, and the soft bristle head is for cleaning more delicate surfaces. The compact and hangable storage bag ensures any loose bristle heads stay in place. The MILWAUKEE® AIR-TIP™ Swiveling Palm Brush is compatible with other wet/dry vacuum brands with 1-1/4”, 1-7/8”, 2-1/2” diameters, and is part of the AIR-TIP™ family of Trade Focused Vacuum Accessories.


(1) AIR-TIP™ Swiveling Palm Brush (1) Stiff Bristle Brush Head (1) Soft Bristle Brush Head (1) Rubber Bristle Head (1) Brush Head Storage Bag
  • Swivels 360°
  • Ergonomic and swiveling palm grip for easier movement and better cleaning leverage
  • Interchangeable bristle/brush heads included
  • Includes (1) AIR-TIP™ Swiveling Palm Brush, (1) Stiff Bristle Head, (1) Soft Bristle/Brush Head, (1) Rubber Bristle Head, and (1) Brush Head Storage Bag
  • Compatible with wet/dry vacuum brands with 1-1/4”, 1-7/8”, and 2-1/2” hose diameters
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Product Specifications

Length 6.28 in
Weight 0.386 lb
Height 7.087 in
Width 3.248 in
Accessory Type AIR-TIP™
Material Composition Plastic