Miter Saw Stand Table Top

Designed to be used with the Milwaukee® Folding Miter Saw Stand (48-08-0551), the table top allows users to keep items like pencils, tapes, blue prints and other items close at hand. It also service as a work space to perform addition tasks like sanding, coping or routing. The table top features solid metal construction for jobsite durability. It also features a recessed tray to hold pencils, pens and items that might roll off the table.

  • Compatible with 48-08-0551
  • 1 Table included in package
  • Quickly and easily attaches and detaches from stand
  • Flat storage area for tools, blue prints or accessories
  • Recessed area for marking tool storage
  • Securely locks onto main beam of stand
  • Durable metal construction to handle jobsite conditions

Product Specifications

Length 11"
Height 17"
Width 1.5"