16" x 24" Aluminum Framing Square

Our 16" x 24" Aluminum Framing Square is stronger than steel and is the most versatile framing square. It has a 50% thicker frame to provide you with more durability than competitive steel squares. Scribe notches from 1" - 13" allow you to easily and accurately rip lumber. High visibility laser etched markings allow you to easily read measurements on the carpenter square.

  • Reinfored Frame
  • Scribe Notches from 1" - 13"
  • Angle finding helps with setting common angles of pipe
  • High Visibility Laser Etched Markings
  • Common conversion tables
  • 8th, 10th, 12th and 16th graduation marks
  • Made in USA
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Product Specifications

Length 16 in
Weight 1.08 lb
Height 24 in
Width 0.18 in