PVC Coated Pipe Jaw for 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

For Use With The MILWAUKEE® 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise, The PVC Coated Pipe Jaw secures plastic and PVC coated pipe up to 6”. Constructed of coated cast iron for strength and durability, this jaw features teeth optimized to protect PVC pipe coatings while cutting, threading, and more.

  • Jaw Teeth Optimized to Protect PVC Coating
  • Secures PVC Coated Pipe Up to 6”
  • Coated Cast Iron for Strength & Durability
  • Easily Replaceable with Common Fasteners
  • Optimized to protect PVC Coated Pipe
  • “V” Profile Optimized for Grip Across All Sizes
  • Enables Cutting, Threading, and More
  • Designed for Milwaukee® 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise
  • Additional Jaws Available for Other Applications
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Product Specifications

Pipe Capacity 6"
Coated Cast Iron Yes