200' Laser Distance Meter

Milwaukee's Laser Distance Meter is a heavy duty distance measuring tool for professional, commercial and industrial applications. The 2281-20 can easily measure distance up to 200' with 1/16" accuracy. The simple user interface makes Laser Distance Meter easy to use. The end bracket allows for accurate measuring from corners and edges. Easily add and subtract values and use five different functions to calculate length, area, volume, indirect measurements, and stake out equations. The 2281-20 includes meter case, two (2) AAA batteries, quick reference guide, manual and is covered by the Milwaukee 5-Year Warranty.

  • Superior Design: Allows for easy measuring from edges and corners
  • 5 Measurement functions: length, area, volume, indirect measurement (Pythagoras), and stake-out
  • Universal 1/4” Threaded Socket for attaching to tripod or other accessories
  • Simple Keypad and Interface
  • Memory storage of last 10 measurements
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Product Specifications

Tool Warranty 5 Years
Battery Type Alkaline (AAA)
Display Type Black on White Display
Display Backlight Yes
Distance Range 2" to 200'
Basic Accuracy 1/16"
Length Area Volume Yes
Addition Subtraction Yes
Memory Storage Last 10 Readings
IP Rating IP54
Tripod Mount Yes
Tracking Yes
Inclination Sensor ± 180°
Timer 1-60 Seconds