M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool Kit w/ ONE-KEY™ with 1/4"-7/8" Streamline™ ACR Jaws

Our M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool Kit w/ ONE-KEY™ with 1/4"-7/8" Streamline™ ACR Jaws changes the game in refrigerant line installations, offering a flame-free, efficient alternative to traditional brazing. The ACR press jaws, compatible with Mueller Streamline™ ACR Press fittings, unlock productivity for HVAC system installers, eliminating nitrogen purges, combustible gases, and expensive silver solder necessary for brazing. As the industry’s first press tool with remote tracking, management, and lockout, ONE-KEY™ allows for logging and uploading data from every press via the desktop or mobile app, making it the smallest, most intelligent press tool on the market. The state-of-the-art press tool features an in-line design and brushless motor, enabling more run-time per charge and faster cycle times while significantly smaller and nearly 20% lighter than the leading competitor. The in-line design with a forward hand position unlocks the ability to press with one hand and will fit nearly anywhere you can fit your arm. Our REDLINK™ electronics provide the highest level of press accuracy and reliability available in the industry. Auto-cycle ensures a full press every time, and the pre-press battery check prevents the tool from starting a press it can’t complete. With ½” to 4” capacity (depending on material) and compatibility with over 20 unique fitting systems, the press tool is an optimal solution for HVAC and mechanical contractors.




  • Lightest in-line design for unrivaled access
  • Press ½”-4” pipe connections virtually anywhere you can fit your arm


  • Easy Open jaw for one-handed use
  • Compatible with 20+ of the most popular fitting systems


  • Auto Cycle Ensures Full press every time
  • Pre-press battery check ensures tool won’t start press it can’t complete
  • Brushless motor enables 20% more run-time and 10% faster cycles


  • Lightest, In-Line Design for Unrivaled Access
  • Auto-Cycle ensures full press every time
  • Industry's first brushless press tool
  • Prepress Battery check ensures tool won't start a press it can't complete
  • Jaws Compatible with Streamline™ ACR Press Fittings
  • Flame-Free Refrigerant Line Connections
  • Faster Alternative to Brazing
  • 1/4" OD - 7/8" OD Capacity
  • 1-1/8" OD Ring and Adapter Jaw Sold Separately
  • Jaws Compatible with ACR Tube & Line Set
  • Creates Secure Joints in One Cycle
  • Monitor & Report Successful Operation from Desktop & Mobile Devices
  • Only Press Tool with Security Capability
  • ONE-KEY™ Industry's Largest Tracking Network
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Battery Specifications

Voltage 18V
Battery Type 18 Volt Lithium Ion

Product Specifications

Tool Warranty 5 Year Tool, 2 Year Battery
Power Source Cordless
Material Composition Steel
Length 14.17 in
Weight 5.6 lb
Height 4.5 in
Width 3.14 in
Force 7,200 lbs
Capacity 1/2"-4" dependent on material and fitting system
Approximate Cycle Time 4 seconds
Calibration Interval 50,000
Battery Warranty 2 Years
Brushless Yes
Battery System M18