3/8” Drive 28pc Ratchet & Socket Set with PACKOUT™ Low-Profile Compact Organizer - SAE

Our Ratchet and Socket Set features sockets that have FOUR FLAT™ Sides that deter rolling and are wrench compatible for maximum productivity. The 90-tooth ratchet tool provides 4° of arc swing and a slim profile for work in tighter spaces. We’ve stamped the sizes into each socket for easy-to-read visibility. You can keep our 28-piece 3/8 in. Drive Ratchet and Socket Set organized in the included PACKOUT™ Compact Low-Profile Organizer equipped with a clear top for easy identification of parts. This PACKOUT™ Organizer is IP65 rated and built from impact-resistant materials for durability on the jobsite with a reinforced hinge and heavy-duty latches. The Compact Low-Profile Compact Organizer is part of the MILWAUKEE® PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System, allowing you to custom-build storage systems to easily transport and organize your tools and accessories. This Combo Kit includes a 28 Piece 3/8 in. SAE Drive Ratchet and Socket Set and a PACKOUT™ Compact Low-Profile Organizer.


(1) PACKOUT™ Low-Profile Organizer (48-22-8436) (1) 1/2" Deep Well Socket (1) 1/2" Standard Socket (1) 1/4" Deep Well Socket (1) 1/4" Standard Socket (1) 1" Standard Socket (1) 11/16" Deep Well Socket (1) 11/16" Standard Socket (1) 13/16" Deep Well Socket (1) 13/16" Standard Socket (1) 15/16" Standard Socket (1) 3/4" Deep Well Socket (1) 3/4" Standard Socket (1) 3/8" Deep Well Socket (1) 3/8" Standard Socket (1) 3" Extension (1) 5/16" Deep Well Socket (1) 5/16" Standard Socket (1) 5/8" Standard Socket (1) 5/8" Standard Socket (1) 6" Extension (1) 7/16" Deep Well Socket (1) 7/16" Standard Socket (1) 7/8" Deep Well Socket (1) 7/8" Standard Socket (1) 9/16" Deep Well Socket (1) 9/16" Standard Socket (1) 90-Tooth Ratchet (1) Universal Hose Adapter



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  • Sockets with FOUR FLAT™ Sides to deter rolling
  • Wrench-ready sockets with FOUR FLAT™ Sides
  • Ratchet has 90 tooth design with 4-degree arc swing for tight work spaces
  • Ratchet and socket set with slim profile ratchet
  • Ratchet has a flush directional lever
  • Sockets with stamped sizes
  • PACKOUT™ Organizer has an Impact Resisitant Body
  • PACKOUT™ Organizer has a IP65 Rated Protection
  • PACKOUT™ organizer has clear top for easy identification of contents
  • PACKOUT™ organizer has heavy-duty latches
  • PACKOUT™ organizer has reinforced hinge
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Product Specifications

Material Composition Chrome Vanadium Steel
Material Application Fastening
Length 9.73 in
Weight 7.5 lb
Height 16.38 in
Width 2.52 in