M6-1.00 mm 1-Inch Hex Threading Die

Our MILWAUKEE® 1-Inch Hex Threading Dies are precision machined for creating or repairing clean, accurate (external) threads. The Hex Dies feature long-lasting laser-etched sizing for the clearest markings and include a protective Black Oxide coating for corrosion resistance. The 1” Hex shape is compatible with the MILWAUKEE® Hex-LOK™ 2-in-1 Threading Handle, as well as all standard 1” Hex Die stocks. Engineered for durability, our MILWAUKEE® 1-Inch Hex Dies are designed for cutting threads in the most common metal applications including brass, aluminum, mild steel, and more. For best results, use Hex Dies with cutting fluid.

  • Precision Machined for creating and repairing clean, accurate threads
  • High Carbon Steel for durability
  • Long lasting laser etch for clearest markings
  • Black Oxide coating for corrosion resistance
  • Hex Dies can be used to create or repair threads
  • Clearly labeled starting side for easier threading application set up
  • Compatible with MILWAUKEE© Hex-LOK™ 2-in-1 Threading Handle​
  • 1” Hex design is compatible with all standard 1” Hex Die stocks
  • Designed for use in metal materials including brass, aluminum, mild steel, and more
  • For best Results use with cutting fluid
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Product Specifications

Size M6-1.00 mm
Length 1 in
Weight 0.06 lb
Height 0.5 in
Width 1.125 in
Standard Metric
Material Composition High Carbon Steel
Material Application Metal