RED HELIX™ Cobalt Metric Drill Bit Set – 25PC

Our MILWAUKEE® RED HELIX™ 25PC Cobalt Metric Drill Bit Set is engineered for extreme durability and long life in hard metal applications. The QUAD EDGE™ tip delivers a precision start and features four cutting edges to create smaller chips for faster material removal and less heat leading to improved performance. Designed with a VARIABLE HELIX™ flute that begins with an aggressive 35° helical angle and ends at 15° for rapid chip removal. The bit also features an internal thicker tapered web that greatly increases strength, reducing premature breakage. Ideal for various tough metal applications including but not limited to Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, and Thick Metal. MILWAUKEE® RED HELIX™ Cobalt Drill Bits provide up to 15X life vs. black oxide drill bits. The set is organized in a customizable accessory case designed for use in PACKOUT™.

  • RED HELIX™ Technology combines QUAD EDGE™ Tip, VARIABLE HELIX™ Flute, and thicker tapered web
  • QUAD EDGE Tip™ Stays Sharper Longer
  • VARIABLE HELIX™ flute designed for rapid chip removal
  • Thicker tapered web design increases bit strength
  • Cobalt for 15X Life vs. Black Oxide Drill Bits
  • 3-FLAT SECURE-GRIP™ prevents bit from slipping in chuck
  • Designed for use with Drill Drivers
  • Ideal for use in Hard Metals such as stainless steel, cast iron & black pipe as well as wood & plastics
  • Laser etched size for easy identification
  • Customizable accessory case is designed for use in PACKOUT™

Product Specifications

Coating TiN (Titanium Nitride)
Cutter Geometry Split
Pack Qty 1 Pack
Length 10.31 in
Weight 2.875 lb
Height 1.7 in
Width 12.52 in