2” ProPEX® Expander Head For M18 FUEL™ 2” ProPEX® Expander​

Our 2” ProPEX® Expander Head for M18 FUEL™ 2” ProPEX® Expander is precision engineered for accurate expansions and auto-rotating compatibility. The integrated cone design of the 2” head reduces the travel length of the expander’s expansion cone, providing you with the most compact expansion cycle. Made from high-strength steel, the chrome-plated segments, and black oxide ring combine durability and weather resistance. Size markings on ring and collar surfaces offer you easy recognition at any orientation. This head is designed exclusively for the MILWAUKEE® M18 FUEL™ 2” ProPEX® Expander Tool. For best performance, use 150g ProPEX® Expander Grease and 2” Head Applicator (49-08-2403) to grease the integrated cone and collar of the ProPEX® expansion head.

  • Precision engineered for accurate expansions
  • Integrated cone design reduces 2” expansion cycle length
  • Lightest 2” expander head Milwaukee auto-rotate compatible
  • Chrome plating for weather and corrosion resistance
  • Easy size recognition on rings & collar surface
  • Compatible with the M18 FUEL™ 2” ProPEX® Expander (2932)
  • Weight: 2.45 Lbs.
  • Threaded collar provides quick head size changes
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