SAWZALL® Demolition Blade Set - 12PC

Our 12-Piece SAWZALL® Demolition Blade Set features an assortment of our most popular demolition blades for a broad range of professional applications. MILWAUKEE® demolition SAWZALL® blades are thicker for maximum durability and taller for straighter cuts. This set features The AX™ for cutting nail embedded wood, The Wrecker™ for your general demolition cutting and The Torch™ for metal cutting. An adjustable, durable storage case is included and can hold up to 9” blades.


(4) 6" 18 TPI Metal THE TORCH™ SAWZALL® Blades (2) 6" 5 TPI Wood THE AX™ SAWZALL® Blades (2) 6" 7/11 TPI Multi-Material THE WRECKER™ SAWZALL® Blades (2) 9" 14 TPI Metal THE TORCH™ SAWZALL® Blades (2) 9" 5 TPI Wood THE AX™ SAWZALL® Blades
  • Thick blade stock and bi-metal construction enhance durability
  • Nail guard 5 TPI pattern enables faster wood cutting and helps protect against tooth fractures
  • Fang tip design enables faster plunge cutting
  • Matrix II bi-metal teeth offer utmost strength, sharpness and wear resistance
  • Double-relief angle reduces tooth stress for long life
  • Includes new wood blades featuring nail guard and fang tip
  • Jobsite durable storage case adjusts to hold up to 9 in. blades
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Product Specifications

Pack Qty 12 Pack