60' Fish Stick Combo Kit

Our Fish Stick Combo Kits feature the most durable connections and brightest glow. The knurled grip provides you with easy threading while a coating protects against splinters. Available in low, mid, and high flexibility, each 5' electrical fish stick is color-coded by flexibility providing you with easy identification. All MILWAUKEE® fish sticks and fish stick accessories are compatible with one another.


5' Low Flex Fish Stick (48-22-4149)
5' Mid Flex Fish Stick (48-22-4151)
5' High Flex Fish Stick (48-22-4153)
(1) Bullet Nose Tips (1) Hook Tips (1) Magnet & Chain (1) Lighted Tips (1) Whisk Tips (1) Storage Bag
  • Reinforced Connection Points
  • Brightest Glow in the Dark
  • Knurled Grip
  • Protective Anti-Splinter Coating
  • Color Coded by Flexibility
  • Compatible with All Milwaukee Fish Sticks
  • 5' Individual Stick
  • Compatible with All Milwaukee Fish Sticks and Fish Stick Accessories
  • Low, Mid, and High Flexibility
  • Includes (7) Low, (3) Mid, and (2) High Flex Sticks
  • Includes Bullet Nose, Hook, Whisk, Magnet & Chain, and Lighted Tips
  • Includes Storage Bag
  • Built-In Pocket in Storage Bag