Faucet Swap-Out Wrench

Our Faucet Swap-Out Wrench provides the best access during faucet swap-outs in extremely tight spaces. The slim, long handle provides the best reach for mounting hardware underneath faucets. The reinforced construction of the handle allows for more swap-out completions. The ends of the handle securely fit mounting nuts for easy removal and maximum efficiency. Adjustable ball detents in the wrench body give strong insert retention throughout the life of the tool. The Faucet Swap-Out Wrench is ratchet, screwdriver, and wrench ready providing maximum break-away torque on difficult to remove or corroded fasteners. The Faucet-Swap-Out Wrench is backed by Milwaukee's Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Faucet Swap-Out Wrench (48-22-7100)
(1) Wrench Body (2) Aluminum Hex Inserts (1) Basket Strainer Wrench and 7/16" Deep Socket Insert
  • Best Access & Reach - Slim, Long Handle
  • Complete More Swap-Outs - Reinforced Construction
  • Easy Removal - Securely Fits Mounting Nuts
  • Ends of wrench body accommodate most common 2, 3, 4, and 6-tab basin mounting nuts
  • Basket strainer wrench of long Insert works on 4-slot strainer baskets and tub drains
  • Two short inserts work on 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", and 15/16" nuts and are ideal for supply lines
  • 7/16" deep socket end of long insert for common single-hole faucet mountings and toilet bolts
  • Open slot on the wrench body allows for easy placement over existing supply lines
  • 3/8" ratchet-ready on pronged retainer end of long insert for maximum speed and break-away torque
  • Screwdriver ready through hole for maximum leverage and break-away torque
  • Ball detents in wrench body for strong insert retention
  • Wrench bolster for maximum leverage and break-away torque
  • Laser etched size callouts for easy size identification
  • Ball detents can be tightened with a 3/32" hex key for stronger insert retention
  • Accurate Stripping. Easy Adjustment
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Product Specifications

Length 13.8 in
Weight 0.97 lbs
Height 1.8 in
Width 1.8 in